How the Dry Cleaning Business Insurance Covered the Gap


Quite often in life, there are two ways to go about doing things: the right way and the wrong way. Because Whitest-White Cleaners started out business the right way by acquiring special dry cleaners insurance, the owner was able to save his establishment from the risk on the large monetary loss.

Whitest-White Cleaners is more than just a dry cleaning pickup and delivery Newport news, Va. Its a viable solution to the standard mode of having cleaning needs taken care of. Upon initiation to Whitest-White Cleaners the customer is provided with a laundry bag and then a hook. The customer keeps the laundry bag and instructs family members to put in all articles of clothing that need free of moisture cleaning or minor tailoring services within it. The customer hangs the bag on the front door on Sunday day for pick-up and can even request a quote in regard to the cost of the service. The professionally clean fresh clothing are delivered directly to the customers front door on Wednesday.

Once a family becomes a member of the exciting waterless cleaning laundry program, the Whitest-White Cleaners driver automatically includes the house in his route, stopping by and choosing the bag thats left for him and delivering the laundered clothes back on the appointed day. This super convenience and wonderful advantages of it all are multi-faceted. Should the customer have any comments to make about confident problem spots on clothing or tailoring that needs to be done, a note with instructions is all that needs to be included with the garments.

Unfortunately, one bright Sunday morning the Adams Family set themselves up for a mix-up while if you let the Whitest-White Cleaners in for liability. The youngest sibling had placed two bags on the front of the home: an individual bag for the dry cleaner and one to be picked up by a relative with an expensive pocket book. Unwittingly, the dry better had taken both the bag intended for cleaning and the bag not intended for cleaning.

By the time the oversight have been discovered, the contents of both bags had begun the cleaning process. Once cleaned, it was discovered that that blue velvet of the expensive purse had become faded and the pricey medications inside, destroyed.

Mrs. Adam, livid with anger about the mix-up ran into the Whitest-White establishment hurriedly, slipped and fell and incurred a destroyed wrist. Now, not only was Whitest-White Cleaners confronted by a lawsuit in regard to the purse and its contents, but also the professional medical costs incurred by the fall, as well as loss of wages as a result of the customers injury.

Lucky for Whitest-White Cleaners. Your Dry Cleaner Business Owner Policy covered the negligence, damage and property liability claim! Doing business the right way by procuring tailored business insurance from the A++ independent insurance agency sure paid off!

The Difference Between Organic Dry Cleaning And Typical Cleaners


A number of people use dry cleaners almost weekly. Most cleaning businesses use a toxic chemical on the clothes they receive. Along with the awareness growing, more and more companies are trying to go the organic route. This is definitely a great thing when it comes to the protection of their patrons. This is why it is best to use organic dry cleaning.

Why is it important to use organic dry cleaning?

That dangerous chemical that most cleaners use is perchloroethylene, also known as "perc". Perc will cause different symptoms. The symptoms comprise skin irritation, dizziness, headaches, and even nausea. Organic dry cleaning will prevent these symptoms. Perc is also known to cause major health issues like kidney damage, liver disease, and different cancers. Again, organic methods will reduce the risks with developing these harmful health problems.

How does perc cause these problems?

The solution that the cleaners use is held contained in the material. Once the individual wears the clothing, the harmful chemical is then absorbed through the skin. There is no process around this issue unless the individual uses an organic method.

What is the difference with organic cleaning?

Organic dry cleansing uses new nontoxic processes that prove to be safe for the workers and their clients. The two processes are termed wet cleaning and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning. They are both extremely effective and completely safe. If you need to use custom made wedding dress cleaning, then one of these two processes are amazing for just that purpose.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning uses a specialized type of detergent and water. The machine will spin a couple times per minute in order to be less abrasive for the materials that require to be handled with care. It does not use any chemical that is toxic or abrasive. Not only does it save the client by employing organic dry cleaning, it also saves water and energy.

What is CO2 cleaning?

Organic cleaning process number a few is CO2 cleaning. This deals with liquid carbon dioxide, as well as different substances that substituted for perc. It is a all natural way to do a wedding dress cleaning and clean other items of clothing. The CO2 gas is pressurized and then the idea liquefies. It becomes a solvent, which proves to be very powerful. After the cleaning part of the process, the LASER is put back into storage to be used again. This reduces disposal and helps keep the environment safer than applying perc. The organic dry cleaning will help the environment and the clients who use dry cleaning services. Organic dry up cleaning is available; just ask about the process in which your clothes are cleaned.